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Blue Sky Episode 5 banner

With the sample from the list executed the Prime Minister sends shivers through Blue Sky meanwhile Tom, George and Laura must keep up the ruse about Isaac with disastrous results. Follow our three protagonists as they live with the repercussions of their actions across a 6-part original radio play, this is Blue Sky.


Gareth Bowley as the Prime Minister

Andrew Hackley as Tom

Melissa D. Johnson as Laura

Sean Patrick as George

Gwendolyn Jenson-Woodard as Lady Byron

April Sadowski as Glenda

Niel Sumter as Isaac

James Lewis Tyler as Daniel Davies

And Dylan Spencer as General Andrews

Introduction theme ‘Brain Thief’ by curriemaster, ending theme ‘The grandfather clock’ by jeepis

Other music by: currimaster, RampantMusik, TheBenjerman, Semaphore, SinJim, Doumaaa, NightKilla, ellisjohnny, shadow9nothing6 and Tomppaahh @ newgrounds.com

Sound effects from the free sound project.

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