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After the shocking events of the Season 3 finale we invite you to go back to George and Tom's first Blue Sky mission in this brand new extended adventure, but remember... nothing is as it seems. This is the beginning, this is Blue Sky.

Sean P. Guzman as George and Frank
Andrew Hackley as Tom
Mirisha as the Voice
Holly Lindin as Molly
William McFarland as the Quadrant Marshal
Gareth Bowley as the Prime Minister
Dylan Spencer as Andrews
Alex Gilmour as Jackson
Savannah J. Dunlop as Laura
With Marsy as the Customer
and Zerorider, Rainzacket and Sphantom911 as the Blue Sky Members
and Introducing Alexandra Dillow as Logan
and Taylor Heckle as Richard Byron

Opening theme brain thief by curriemaster ending theme the grandfather clock by Jeepus

Other music by: shadow6nothing9, Kirbyfemur, MustyElbow, Senjan's Songs, TheBenjerman, Doumaaa, SinJim, theGodspeed, RazbaqueDirge, Semaphore and curriemaster at newgrounds.com

Additional music by James Tubbrit at irishacts.com

Sound effects from the free sound project and the Sonniss.com GDC Game Audio Bundle

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