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George isn't having the best day, Tom and Laura discover that echoes from the past come in all shapes and sizes and Robin must now embrace an uncertain future. This is Blue Sky.

Andrew Hackley as Tom
Savannah J. Dunlop as Laura
Sean P. Guzman as George
Glenn Hascall as Miguel
Kokoro Hane as Robin
Robert S. Benjamin as Parker
and Alex Gilmour as Jackson

Opening theme brain thief by curriemaster ending theme the grandfather clock by Jeepus

Other music by: JoNoGo, MaestroRage, curriemaster, Senjan's Songs, Doumaaa,  TheBenjerman, and RazbaqueDirge at newgrounds.com

Additional music by James Tubbrit at irishacts.com and Fontaine Watasuki.

Sound effects from the free sound project.

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