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In the dark recesses of the mind there is a place, a battleground… Only one will be the victor, but who will claim ownership of the body? The showdown to determine that fate is upon us. This is Blue Sky.


Andrew Hackley as Tom/Ethan

Sean P. Guzman as George

Mora Inamorata as Alex

Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Lady Byron

Niel Sumter as Isaac

Glenn Hascall as Miguel

And J.C. Jones as Father Dillon

Opening theme brain thief by curriemaster ending theme the grandfather clock by Jeepus

Other music by: TheBenjerman, RampantMusik, JoNoGo, curriemaster, shadow6nothing9, MarkySpark, RazbaqueDirge and NIGHTKilla, at newgrounds.com

Sound effects from the free sound project

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