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A shadow is on the prowl,  the target? None other than George Sanderson, but can George convince this shadow that he is not the enemy? Meanwhile the game of cat and mouse between Lady Byron and Number 6 intensifies leading to an all out conflict that could throw the city into yet another war! This is Blue Sky.


Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard as Lady Byron

Dylan Spencer as Number 6

Sean Patrick as George

Mora Inamorata as Alex

Glenn Hascall as Miguel

And J.C. Jones as Father Dillon

Opening theme brain thief by curriemaster ending theme the grandfather clock by Jeepus

Other music by: curriemaster, TheBenjerman, weezlpeep BenjaminTibbits, raxxroth, JoNoGo, Doumaaa, RampantMusik, and Semaphore, at newgrounds.com

And James Tubbrit at irishacts.com

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  • Mora I.

    The first time listening to this I was too distracted by some instinctive need to criticize my own performance in the context of all else. I think in listening to this a second time, I was greatly impressed by Gwendolyn’s and Dylan’s performances. There’s such a tangible aural kind of chemistry there– a seriously believable ‘arch nemesis’ dynamic in the way they interact and part of this may also be due to Dan’s mixing but I swear it was like they were quarreling in the same room. I also seriously enjoyed Glen’s performance as Miguel– his accent is so much fun to listen to! J.C. also did a great job capturing the kind of proper, lofty feel of a priest with his role as Father Dillion, whilst not letting his tone infringe upon his ability to communicate actual lines and make them out to be a caricature. Sean is consistently fantastic, with that voice hollywood ‘it’ quality of a leading man, the kind of anime hero incarnate. And the music, the music in this series gets me every time (Miguel’s theme in this was spicy fun, and the opening has always had me thrilled for whatever’s to unfold in each episode). Both Dan and Sean also did great work on the script! Such big talent and a stellar lineup for this show. I’m so honored to be a part of it with all of you. This episode was worth the wait!

    Oct 15, 2012 at 5:22 pm